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Tips For Buying A Home With Fire Damage

Tips For Buying A Home With Fire Damage

A house damaged by a fire always seems to be a lucrative investment. The main reason behind this is that most buyers are scared to buy a house that has been damaged by fire as they think they may fail to detect all the damaged areas and take necessary action to remedy them. Another reason for people not wanting to buy a house destroyed by fire is that they think the repair might run up the cost of the property beyond what they can afford. A house damaged by fire will always attract a very low price in the market, and the cost of the repair may not be that much as you presume.

There is no replacement for good old fashioned common sense. If the extent of the damage is too widespread and devastating, then the investment in repairing will outweigh the actual value of the home.

debris from fire

You have to get the house thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector and a structural engineer to assess the exact fire damage. The amount of repair required depends on where the fire started and how much it had spread. You have to check doors, windows, floors, plumbing and other portions of the house for warping. You have to take the help of an electrician and a plumber to check out the complete plumbing and the electrical circuitry of the house. You should offer a price for the home to the seller only after you have done all your homework and estimated the cost of the repair that is required to make it ship-shape.

Another problem that occurs with a house with fire damage is the growth of mold. You should always keep in mind that damage due to water always accompanies loss due a fire. The chance of mold growing in all sorts of corners increases by the water used for putting out the fire. The dampness remains in many parts of the house which can affect wooden structures present. The presence of mold not only poses structural problems but also makes the air inside the house unhygienic and unhealthy to breathe. You have to take professional help to remove every bit of mold before you can start the repair job in earnest, and they’ll also have to perform a mold inspection.

Smoke from the fire also leaves behind its traces on all objects inside the building. The fine particles from the smoke get attached to all the surfaces that get exposed to it. It is very hard to remove the smell of smoke by ordinary means. You may have to throw out a lot of items like carpets, curtains and furniture and repaint the walls, floor, and ceiling so that the smell of smoke gets removed entirely. You can use paints that block odors to help you in removing the smell. Another option is to hire a professional contractor to do the inspection, cleaning, and repair job though it might be a bit expensive will save you all the hassle.

All in all, purchasing a home that has been damaged by a fire can be a great opportunity, especially for savvy investors looking to make a quick fix and flip. For the general public, this particular area may be a little too shadowy and in-depth to devote the time towards.

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