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Go Green Window Coverings

Go green Window covering renovations in your current home will get you ready to sell your home at your desired price point.

Homeowners nowadays are avoiding major financial moves; therefore, homeowners who were thinking of upgrading in the recent past are most likely no longer considering the sale of their current property in order to purchase a new real estate asset elsewhere.

Most homeowners are sticking it out in their current residence to avoid further credit obligations. And some are staying in their current home because they are aware that in the current market situation they aren’t likely to be able to reach further credit to purchase another property. A smart choice is to wait on the market value to increase by itself by nearby developments as well as upgrading the look of their property while waiting.

What do homeowners do when they are ready to sell, but circumstance requires that they stick it out in their current location before they property reach the desired value? One of the things that can make a huge difference is to renovate the look of your existing blinds and shades throughout the property. Updating the window treatment can change the entire look of your property and provide a completely different perspective from the buyers point or view.

It’s a stunning home improvement because not only will it drastically alter the design; making it look more modern, but it will add value to any home. Especially when upgrading with motorized shades. This option not only provide a touch of sophistication but also can be integrated to a whole set of automated features throughout the house.  With recent increases in safety regulations many homes are in desperate need of blinds and shades updates.  So not only do homeowners benefit from a totally new look, but they get added value to their home and increased safety for any children who live in or visit the home regularly.

Homeowners looking to replace their window coverings will find that the options have drastically increased in the past few years, as well as the type of products offered for window coverings. The new trend is “Go for the Green”. Something that had become very popular in the past three years and will definitely make you part of this conscious group of people who cares for environmental impact.  Therefore, your chances to sell your home will increase due to the environmental impact free product you just purchase adding not only a fresher look for your blinds but also one more strong selling point for your property.  Some products  to consider when thinking about upgrading blinds and shades without generating a high impact on the environment are:

“Go Green” Cellular Shades

Ocean View Classic Cellular cotton 1001.

Ocean View Bordeaux 1020 light filtering.

Ocean View Sophisticata ¾” spun lace Blackout/ moonlight GBL164

Cellular shades have the highest energy savings and are crafted and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste from short-lived products. In addition, most of the components of these cellular shades are recyclable. This includes the plastic, the fabric, and the aluminum headrail.


GO GREEN Wood Blinds

The wood blinds listed below are manufactured of domestic basswood – a material that is available in considerable supply. During the manufacturing process, 99% of the sawdust is recycled and reused as energy to fire the kilns and heat the factory. As a result, is not need to harvest new materials and the transportation emissions that result from importing foreign wood are no longer need it.

Additional components in wood blinds such as plastic components and headrail also contain pre-consumer recycled material.

Ocean view Basswood blinds 2 natural golden oak.

Ocean View Ultra wood 2.5 Smooth composite blinds




“ GO GREEN Roller Shades & Screen

The styles of roller shades listed below do not contain any harmful components such as CFC, PVC formaldehyde or other organic solvents, antimony and halogen compounds. Screen shades are used to block solar heat gain and reduce UV transmission all while preserving your exterior view.

The following scree shades also have green guard and certified low VOC emission fabrics. In other words, the fabric has passed testing for over 75,000 chemicals including carcinogens and other toxins.

Mermet / avila Twilight 0% openness linen 020

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